My idea was to create a cutting tool that preformed as an extension of the hand.
A tool that doesn’t argue with you, a tool that understands what you want and gives you the opportunity to fulfil your ideas in the kitchen and rise above its limitations.

The solution was to create a synthesis in action between a saw and a rocking chair with the use of the highest quality Swedish tool steel available for the task.

Sweden has over 4500 years of traditions in forging steel from the Viking ancestry to the modern high-tech industrial powder steels that are in demand today.

I wanted to give the knife a historical connection by using brass in the ferrule that resembles a time where durable and ergonomically functional tools meant everything to a craftsman.

The ferrule is also the centre balance of the knife where the blade is carefully inserted and soldered. The riveted and glued rosewood handle completes the delicate and fully visible construction of the knife.

I believe it is a winning concept in the long run and it’s been proven by response from people that have purchased my handmade knives over the years.

Best regards

Mikael Uhac

Knivdoktorn - knivslipning och reparationer av knivar